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Welcome to Shine Kinesthetics

Mentoring & Coaching in Washington

At Shine Kinesthetics our mission is to enhance and create better lives for our youth and the people in our community. 

By developing our youth minds at an early age we are teaching them the fundamentals they need to succeed beyond school and have an successful adulthood. Join us!

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About Us

Why Choose Shine?

Since 2015 we have been helping students maximize their academic potential and excel in all areas of live. Through my individualized and stress-free approach, we have perfected a method of teaching that yields serious results. Scroll below and discover the immediate difference a mentor can make in your child’s life.

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Our Story

At Shine Kinesthetics we aim to personalize every session to meet the needs of our students, focus on areas in which the student has the potential to improve. Each session is flexible and designed to work with the student to not only complete their daily tasks but guide them from novice to professional. We do that in the most effective way possible—mastering the subject area and building lifelong, professional confidence.

We at Shine Kinesthetics feel how you are feeling on the inside can have a huge impact on how you’re parenting on the outside. Perhaps you’ve reacted to your children in a way that was too harsh, or you didn’t tune in to your child’s feelings when you should have. It’s easy to recognize these instances in retrospect, but how do you raise your awareness in the moment?

Research confirms that our feelings have a huge influence on our decision making, and yet often in the moment, we aren’t really aware of how we’re feeling or how those feelings are influencing our behaviors.

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What We Offer


Shine Kinesthetics mentoring program primarily focuses on African American/students of color from 10-21 years old. Shine Kinesthetics program is currently in Lake Washington & Issaquah High School and will soon be at Northwest School of Innovative Learning. Andrew also is heading and running a summer program at Lake Washington High school.

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Shine Kinesthetics Courses



These mentor sessions are specifically designed for youth looking for a little exact guidance in all areas of their lives. In these groups we talk about a range of things from humanities to health, we go over team bonding and building relationships, we also cover financial responsibilities. Any area in life they think or want help navigating we are here to  assist.

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Effective & Professional


Andrew Campbell

Founder & Facilitator

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We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to guarantee each of our students overcomes their academic challenges and achieves their learning goals. Let us know how we can help you.

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